Male counselor providing services to a female client

But on the other hand, they may believe that they need to protect the abusive therapist at all costs. Although time restrictions are a reality, clinicians can make the most of the time they do have, even if only a few minutes.

Men who participate in mutual-help groups can be encouraged to engage in service activities related to those groups, and others can seek service opportunities in their communities or religious institutions, or with national or international groups. The young men were resistant to the concept of gender equity because they feared losing the power to which they felt entitled.

For example, even when men have legal mandates to seek treatment or are threatened with the loss of employment or a relationship, the decision to enter treatment can still be presented as voluntary.

If you feel that you are going to be more comfortable with one gendered counselor over another, it is important to choose a counselor of the gender that you feel most at ease with.

Therapist Gender Does it Matter?

Jennifer has been seeing Hank on a weekly basis for 3 months when Hank discloses, during a session, that he feels a strong attraction to Jennifer. It is crucial that both male and female counselors explore their own biases and assumptions about men.

It is a complex process. Projecting emotions onto others e. Advantages of Female Behavioral Health Counselors in All-Male Settings The reality in most behavioral health clinical settings is that female counselors outnumber male counselors, and this disparity is even more striking when considering that male clients in substance abuse treatment significantly outnumber female clients Lyme et al.

It may be useful to defer exploration of feelings until there is less anxiety about the helping process and a better working alliance. Gender bias and stereotyping are among the most important issues that arise in substance treatment contexts with regard to the client's and counselor's gender.

I crave connection despite my introverted tendencies, and family and friendship are my first priorities. Formative research in South Africa showed that both men and women wanted men to become involved in pregnancy care.

The following section reviews peer-reviewed findings representing 4 of the major methods of study. Added to these difficulties is the reality that each woman has consulted a therapist, thereby giving some evidence of psychological disequilibrium prior to the seduction.

Sexual Issues

He was given several counseling options and chose to make an appointment with Jennifer, a year-old White American woman who has worked at the outpatient substance abuse clinic for 2 years. I also like being a woman. Influencing social norms and promoting an understanding of the benefits of family planning at the community level may be a necessary first step, because women are potentially endangered both by covert use and by the involvement of the partner in joint counseling.

Stigma is different from shame; it results from social attitudes that label certain people, behaviors, or attitudes as disgraceful or socially unacceptable. In Turkey, withdrawal is the most widely used contraceptive method, and failure of withdrawal is cited as the reason for more than half of all unintended pregnancies that end in abortion.

The quick and easy answer is transference. In his initial interview with the group leader, Jack comments that a primary reason for his heavy alcohol consumption which began in high school was that he felt more comfortable relating to others after drinking.

Some successful training approaches that have been developed to facilitate working with male clients include activities that aim to raise the comfort level of providers.

The following advice box gives some tips for Jack's counselor. Call the local Verizon Massachusetts customer service number to request Women felt that providers would be better able to get messages across to their partners about issues they themselves were not able to discuss.

What begins as externally motivated can become internally motivated, a refuge and road map for providing us a perception of structure around the highly complex processes of self-discovery and identity formation.

Across Gender Lines: Counseling Male Clients

Avoid arguments and use a more subtle, less confrontational manner. It is possible that gender may be associated with the ways in which this irrational guilt develops and is sustained. For men, an addiction somehow serves as a legitimate reason to ask for help.

When the Client Is Male: Client-Provider Interaction from a Gender Perspective

Although this is a common occurrence, substance abuse treatment counselors may have received very little training in how to address client transference feelings, particularly sexual feelings.

The roles and boundaries that people use to define, mediate, and protect the self may become not only useless for the patient but also self-defeating and ® Categories Uncategorized How might physical contact assist in with a male counselor providing services to a female client?

physical contact assist in providing services to. There is little empirical evidence to suggest how or why client-provider interaction should be modified when the client is a man or a male-female couple.

This article examines the available literature and empirical data to highlight benefits and potential pitfalls in client-provider interaction when the client is male, and it includes.

Male therapists reported more often being homosexual than did female therapists.

Therapists Admit Sex Lure : 87% of Psychologists in Poll Drawn to Clients

According to a population-based Finnish study, the proportion of individuals with gay, lesbian, or bisexual identities has been estimated to be % of males and % of females in the year [] How might physical contact assist in providing services to clients? with a male counselor providing services to a female client?

client prior to providing services because the client has. In making the ethical decision to ensure that her client has equal access to services, the counselor is using the basic moral principal of: justice In an attempt to convince her young client to practice safe sex, Valerie fabricated her own statistics and facts about the hazards of unprotected sex.

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Male counselor providing services to a female client
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