The impact of globalization in the muslim community

Consumerism has given birth to materialism where people are more interested in what they have rather than the essential aspects of humanity. Issues such as human rights and public accountability are brought to the fore. However, adopted by Muslims, resulting in a mixture of as globalisation is inevitable, Muslims should take Western and Islamic culture.

Rajaratnam School of International Studies. Secondly, it is a criterion by which we can make judgments about the rest of the world — both spatially and temporally Ibid. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 1: And somehow there is perhaps wittingly, perhaps unwittingly, the exclusion of Islam from the global process.

This also meant that although each battle appeared a separate entity it was in fact a part of the War, which affected all Muslims equally — publisher's comment — M. At that time, a fully clothed Elvis with obscenity-free lyrics was banned from TV talk shows for his gyrating hips.

Foreign aid has also benefited the less fortunate in areas of health and society. Muslim Opinion on Countering Perceived Negatives of Globalization Culture should be guided by moral universal values whereby a strong ethic of restraint is within one culture is applied to prevent the dominance of another culture.

Globalization and the Muslim Society

The stretching of friendly arm towards CVW is certain to create an atmosphere friendship and brotherhood among the Sinhala and Tamil speaking communities and pave way for a glorious chapter in the history of Sri Lanka.

Those who are Muslims believe that globalization presents a serious detriment to moral and ethical lives, as well as a major threat to sovereignty through neo-colonial attitudes.

When you differ on anything regarding this Document the matter shall be referred to Allah and The impact of globalization in the muslim community may Allah bless him and grant him peace — added by the publisher, absent from the original text — M. Indeed the Muslim Community in the world is now divided into many nations, culture and ideas.

As it has been discussed earlier, Furthermore, they think that globalisation has globalisation creates Western cultural hegemony, in filled up the life of mankind with lots of benefits in which Islamic cultural traits are regarded as back- information and communication technologies.

They feel that the sort of values and ideas, notions of living which are emanating from the West and beginning to penetrate their societies, influencing their young in particular — that these are harmful; at least some of the more obvious aspects linked to music and dance forms and films and so on.

The Globalization of Islam

Meaning that Muslims have become very conscious of the fact of dominance and they have become exclusive. Global consumerism is now forming a homogeneous global culture where indigenous cultures of the South are being replaced by Western cultures.

Although many changes have been carried out to achieve the objectives of FPK and FPI in Malaysia, there are still many aspects which need to be looked into such as changes in curriculum, method and style of teaching and the optimum use of current technology.

The pervasive impact of cultural intricate. When such a new way of life was to be adopted, MR went to the extent of ignoring India as well as antagonizing USA and other Western democratic countries by having close links with Iran, Libya and other Islamic countries, the Islamic political leaders took advantage of strengthening their areas in the Eastern Province, the result of which saw destruction of statutes of Swami Vibulananda and Hindu gods which indirectly signalled a threat to India and to the spirit of the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord.

Indeed, free intellectual sessions used to be held in mosques, where various Islamic ideas and views were discussed and solutions to problems and dilemmas facing society devised. As an example I am here producing a portion of a pamphlet written by a banned Islamic Party call Jammatul Mujahideen which blasted bombs simultaneously throughout Bangladesh on August 17, Among the favourite websites are al-ahkam.

Among the favourite websites of internet users in Malaysia based on information from Alexa www. On the one hand, information availability and a growing-diversity in Western societies has nudged even privileged youth in the United States and Europe to view developing countries more as people rather than as economic resources, albeit sometimes with an eye to future consumer markets.

Globalization makes it possible for humanity to have compassion for each other when calamities — natural or man-made — affect others.

Two maxims seem critical to bridging the Muslim-Western understanding gap on the impact of globalization: Without such a rule party affiliations and discipline cannot be maintained — publisher's comment — M.

As in other developing countries, globalization becomes palatable when the economic expansion of multinational corporations comes with the extension of Western notions of labor, consumer and environmental protection. So American Christianity went global, and then, in return, immigrants bring new forms of global Christianity to America.

Suspicion over globalization and the vestiges of colonialism In the eyes of many in predominantly-Muslim countries, the ambitions of proponents of free financial, trade and information flows are seen through two distorting lenses: How Should Christians and the West Respond?

Impact Of Globalization & Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation

This approach connects Muslims to discuss and share information amongst themselves through internet networking. In this way, the local cultural integration of diverse cultural traits of the world. However, here as well, Muslim countries are suffering from immense challenges that must be confronted and conquered.

This method not only helps a teacher in teaching but also attracts the interest of students to understand the subject.Globalization and Some of Its Impact on Muslim Education and Culture Globalization, Impact, Education, Culture & Re-colonization this topic has caught the attention of many concerned people worldwide, governments, scholars at the academia, business community worldwide, economists, students, NGOs‟(non.

Muslim community response on impacts of globalization

The Globalization of Islam THE RETURN OF MUSLIMS TO THE WEST. Previous Section: Many types of mosques and community centers have been built in America to serve the large and varied Muslim community there. One of the most elegant is the Islamic Center of New York. Designed by the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, and located.

Faith & Leadership, April 9, Although Christianity has been spreading across the globe for centuries, today we are aware of this globalization and are challenged with the task of living in a pluralistic world, said José Casanova, professor of sociology at Georgetown University.

globalization and how globalization has affected the the Mongols invasion, not only great numbers of culture and aims of education in the countries in the East.

Religion and Globalisation: Benefits and Challenges

. Muslims must be able to identify the strategic issues with regard to globalization and develop concrete measures that are implementable, as well as to be able to differentiate between the positive and negative impact of globalization.

Stressing the negative impact of the loose morals of Western life is a daily feature of airwaves in the Middle East.” For Muslims, globalization is a source of the loose Western morals, according to the writer. The imperialist aspirations of globalization and its incompatibility with Islam make the former completely alien to the Muslim realities.

The impact of globalization in the muslim community
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